Il Labirinto dei Contrari

Ne parlo ora, nel silenzio della tregua.

Breve incanto, che non mi culla mai per molto.

Sussurro piano e durerà più a lungo,

ma poi ritorno, ancora, nella mischia della Vita.

Mai giudice, ma sempre stremato milite.

Ho vinto sulle Grida con l’estremo Silenzio

e con le Grida più alte ho zittito i molti,

ho combattuto per la Vita sulla Morte,

ma ho chiamato la Morte antica sorella,

ho vissuto il Delirio desiderando la Pace

ma quante volte esso mi ha preso ed io mi sono abbandonato?

Ho Amato e poi Odiato

e di questo l'esatto opposto.

Ed infine ho visto Creature odiare il proprio Dio

e quel Dio odiare le sue Creature stesse.

Ed io sono stato Creatura e sono stato Dio.

Vivo in tutto questo, il giorno, ad occhi aperti

e non riposo in tutto il resto, la notte, ad occhi chiusi.

Ho vissuto la guerra eterna degli avversi

senza afferrare da che parte stare.

....e sempre, alla fine inizia feroce una battaglia nuova

e che sia piccola o grande, noi ci facciamo soldati e lottiamo,

in eterno, confusi e smarriti nel Labirinto dei Contrari.


Claude Arcano

Flies and Ravens

There was a time when the worlds shared time with each other,

there was a time when the worlds were one in space

and it was in that time that the Raven devoured the Fly,

Ravens devoured the Flies!


There were two worlds, you know,

the world for who live, belongs to the Flies that fluttering watch all from

small heights by their hundreds of ridicolous little eyes

and the world for the dead belongs to the Ravens that fly slowly and high

without making noise, that watch everything around and never speak aloud.


At the end this is because dead and living can't actually stay together.

At the end this is because, yes, this is because, the Raven devoured the Fly.


There are two worlds, you know,

the world of the empty words belongs to the Flies that sit on their thrones

ignoring the defeat that will be

and the world of the silence belongs to the Ravens that watch everything inside

and, fighting, never speak in vain.


Are you raven or fly?

Are you dead or alive?

Are you scared by that side? live in silence and die!

Fly, shadows from beyond the skies, the war is burning on the Flies!

Fly and sharp your claws on enemy bones, fight to the glory or to the underground!



It was his time,

it was our time,

it was the time when I would have never let him go, 

and now my brother is gone, forever!


There was my silence,

there was a secret I kept in my eyes and mouth,

there was a love and one heart that blind was making a choice,

...I will never forget...


All the smiles between them, and my hate for it,

watching her eyes in his eyes, intertwined hands for what they believed in,

all was fault,

if you can hear, forgive me!

All the tears you cried and all my tears on you, brother,

are pulling me down, drowning in the sea of hell, far from you.


And now, can't you see? And now, won't you see?

Her eyes in his eyes, the same looks that she gave to you,

she's dancing with a lie, she's laughing without you,

she's laughing about you!


This nightmare will end and she will come back to me,

her lie is my truth, I've lost love and I threw my soul away,

and, brother, you were with me and you've never talked about it.

I wanna die! No words can stop… no words will stop this crying!

Where are you going to? Across the night, will I see you again?

Across this life all this is due to my fault and now I want you to live again.


And so, I will just catch my revenge!

The Human Zoo

Give me all your hands Ladies, you'll know,

how the breath of the Beast can be hotter than any previous men’s breath for you.

Give me all your hands Men too, you'll know,

how the skin of the East can be silk, as your tongue has never licked on a girl before.


Rich entertainments here, for all of eyes and for all of minds,

look at the miracles in my hands, all these creatures I've stolen from God!


Come, you come, to the circus of marvellous visions,

the reign of the fear, where exciting creatures are near to you!

Walk, you walk, through the madness of nature's mistakes,

through my reign of the fear, through the gates of the great Human Zoo!


And here you are, people, you'll know,

how my hug can be soft, how my words can be sweet,

how the dark that we live hides a mirror that your eyes cannot pass.


You're on the other side of me,

you're on the side of me where the grand illusions I offer are real,

you're on the reflective side of me, you are my Great Human Zoo!


You can rub your eyes, incredulous, I'm still pulling the strings over this theatre.

you thought to be the viewers, but you are the show,

in every way you are, from any point of view, you are the rotten and arrogant,

you are my strongly loved Human Zoo.


I am the mirror outside all your eyes inside all your minds ,

look at the cages around you, all my creatures are you... I'm God!


Come, you come, to this circus of marvellous prisons,

the reign of the fear, where exciting creatures are enchained for you!

Walk, you walk, through the madness of nature's mistakes,

through my reign of the fear, through this gate, through me.

The Colors of Sky and Earth

On the other side of darkness, someone said: there could be the light!

But how can you see it, if your heart is blind?

On the other side of shadow, someone said that you could find the glimmer of a candle,

but how can you reach it, if your soul is blind?

On the other side of you, I said that you can put your trust in me,

I had lighted that candle you don't search anymore.


You'll see through my eyes, following my night, for me and you, alone at all.

You'll see through my eyes, I'll give you my Life if only you wish to learn

the colors of Sky and Earth.


As in a sea of nothing, sailing out of route without wind, I feel your fear to crash on your own way!

As in the sea of desires, sailing and smelling weal in the wind,

I feel your longing growing up day by day!

As in the sea of my eyes into yours, I'll make you finally forget your disease,

I'll make you stronger, stronger than time, evermore!


She:   My wills are laying in your hands, but what can you give to me?

Just night and darkness on my bed.....

He:   So careful, my love,I will dry your tears and give you life, if not, you'll die.

And you’ll see through my eyes, wondering about this song!

She:   And I will see as you see the world.

He:   You now can see as I see you...

Behind the curtains I’m dying (Opium)

Flowing, flowing slowly the light and rising, rising slowly my delight,

behind the curtains I’m dying, beyond the curtains I’m lying.

Fortune and pain weigh heavily on my chest, the figure you know is black like my vest.


But this face is fading to grey and my life can’t stop swaying,

nerves are stretched, going to emptiness.

But this face is fading to grey and my heart can’t stop swaying,

but my heart can’t stop swaying.


Blowing, blowing, blowing on the light and calling, right from down there my delight,

behind the curtains I’m dying, beyond the curtains I’m lying.

Fortune and pain are still waiting for my corpse outside,

my dear curtains remain the place where I can hide.

but this face is fading to grey

and my life is burning, faster than this fall through my death inside.


Falling to death, I'm not asking to die, but snatching my brain and pride, oh God!

Curtains, take the rest of my night. taking the rest of my life, oh no!

Curtains of silence, perceptions are denied, but I see dancing dead outside

they're running, they're laughing.

Curtains of heaven, meaning of a life, there are still dancing dead outside,

they're calling, they're watching me dying.

It's time, we’re dancing to please your eyes and die, you're dying to please our eyes.

It's time, we're dancing to take your life and die, your body is pushed aside.


what is this noise? these strong insistent voices?

I am flying, I'm dancing with people in the air tonight, it's time for me to leave,

it's time to leave this life!

Fortune and pains are still searching for my corpse outside,

these curtains remain the place where I can fly.

and this face has became so grey and my eyes are closed now.

Absinthe's Dirge (Requiem Bonus)

...è ad ogni goccia di pallido verde

che il violino stanco rimette ora la fine.

Celato dal Viso, che di sazia ebrietà

ne ebbe spesso invasa  ogni singola vena,

fu elevato il sottile Uomo

all’alto trono di declinante Maestro,

ma svanisce ora, la Maschera d’Oppio,

lasciando sol traccia con il nero inchiostro.


Abbandona la Decadenza,

il corpo vuoto, senza un sospiro,

Svanisce, l’Assenzio,

dal tavolo scompagnato e vuoto,

S’adagia la Maschera che fu acerba,

come ricco cesello su pietra,

Tornando piano, con decadente furia,

tra le pagine di questa antica storia...


Deeply dedicated to Mantus