A Tear Beyond sign with ALPHA OMEGA Management

A TEAR BEYOND Sign With ALPHA OMEGA Management, To Release New Album "Humanitales", New Single/Video "Angels Out of Grace" Unleashed!

ALPHA OMEGA Management is pleased to announce the signing of A TEAR BEYOND!

A TEAR BEYOND - formed in 2008 in Vicenza, Italy - come from the fusion of six elements with more than 15 years of musical experience. In 2012 came out their first studio album “Beyond” followed by a strong live activity. In 2015 the band released the second studio album “Maze of Antipodes” by the label “House of Ashes” (Milan - IT).The album was supported by releasing an official videoclip “Behind the Curtains I’m Dying” and a sequence of live gigs opening for international bands like Moonspell, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Folkstone, Isole, Septicflesh, Dark Lunacy, Jack Frost and Extrema. The band repertoire blend industral electro sounds with gothic metal arrangements and melodies. Key point of the band is the live theatricality when the audience can get involved in a true 360° show by means of scene costumes, Venetian masks, performers and intermission shows. 

Furthermore, on May 5th 2018 the band will unleash their third studio album "Humanitales". To celebrate the new album, the band has revealed the first single and video for the song "Angels out of Grace", watch it below. The "Humanitales" release party will be held on May 19 at Hells Angels Club in Vicenza (Italy). 

Watch "Angels Out of Grace" video here: https://youtu.be/Tb8cUP8hA-8
The video was directed, filmed and edited by Michele Piazza, Andrea Bianchin & Uber Mancin. Lead Actress: Anna Dovigo. Thanks to Studio Gamma Srl for allowing the use of the buildings indoor and outdoor.

Comments the band on signing and new album:
"We are proud to announce the beginning of a new adventure for A Tear Beyond. We are sure that the partnership with the prestigious ALPHA OMEGA Management will bring the band to a new level and to new challenges that we are impatient to face. The signing come just few days before the release of our third album "Humanitales". The album tells about Humans in its most profound, uncontrollable plan. It tends to tell stories of comforts and discomforts of individuals who have no power over them. Each story lives of its beginning and its epilogue, both contaminated from within (our nature) and from outside (society). "Humanitales" unravels among the labyrinths of the natural human emotionality and its inexorable social mutation.We thank all the people who have supported us until today, and we invite them and all the "New Tears" to join us in this new and exciting journey. The Masks await you... as always."

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
"We are very pleased to welcome these hard-working guys in A TEAR BEYOND to our roster family! Their over 15 years of career have already been successful, but with their new album "Humanitales" the band is really ready to go to the next level, conquering new stages all over the world with their fascinating industrial electro gothic sounds and 360° shows. Stay tuned!"

Angels out of Grace (A Tear Beyond) - compendium by Claude Arcano:
"Too many things in today's world leads us to suffer, too intensely and often without knowing why.
It's all too fast, inhuman, for our natural way of simply being humans.
Everything is too much available, so close to your hand ... but all too unattainable, unobtainable.
But the illusion is present. It’s powerful, gleaming and vivid in us. As much as the intimate disappointment of the incompleteness that derives from it.
There are too many young people (or not) who are left, in the solitude of our time, to extreme despair... because appearing is more important than being what we are.
We have to be cautious not to isolate ourselves and not isolate, in the real world, any human being (from 0 years to Infinity).
We must understand that we can not stand alone, we must know that revealing ourselves is not Bad, it's just Good.
From a lie will derive only misunderstanding and abandonment.
From the truth will derive knowledge and help.
We must be ourselves, without fear or shame, because together we can also overcome the greatest pain.
Tears (for example) are not evil, but the good that shared can set you free.... Free from the inner darkness that kills everything and, too often, even those who carry it inside.
We must use these tears when they come from the heart and soul to cleanse ourselves.
We do not have to jump into the void of loneliness... because once jumped, it will be too late. Let's listen and let’s talk. We must leave the shell of fear to be only ourselves. Together we will win. Dedicated to the memory of too many Fallen Angels."

More information at:
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

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