• "Variegato e magniloquente, il suono elaborato dal sestetto vive di momenti entusiasmanti, perfette testimonianze della raffinata filosofia stilistica propugnata da una band che ha già conseguito un'indiscutibile maturità artistica."
    Rock Hard, voto 7/10
  • "Gli A Tear Beyond riescono a mantenere per tutto il tempo un’interessante aura di fascino e mistero.
    Sicuramente un lavoro 'visuale' molto interessante, ad alto livello per dannazione, intensità e creatività impiegata."
    Metal Maniac, voto 9/10, maniac demo di Settembre
  • "Maturo, vario ed ispirato, Beyond è un esordio importante che mette subito in risalto tutte le qualità degli A Tear Beyond. Un prodotto che non mi limito a definire già fondamentale per tutti gli amanti del gothic metal."
    Iacopo Mezzano,, Voto 87/100
  • "L’atmosfera che si crea ascoltando questo cd è molto suggestiva. Si tratta di un gruppo che fa sentire di cosa è capace e l’ascoltatore non può restare indifferente: fa piacere che l’Italia ospiti al suo interno questo genere di band."
    Adriano Vincent,, Voto 85/100
  • "Si tratta di un gruppo dal grande potenziale, che parte avvantaggiato da una considerevole maturità compositiva."
    Gianluca Leone,, Voto 80/100
  • "Cantato, suonato e prodotto magnificamente,Beyond riesce anche nella parte più difficile: essere originale!"
    Laura Archini,, Voto 9/10
  • "Traendo le conclusioni: "Beyond" è da non perdere!
    I suoni sono ben puliti, la tecnica ineccepibile, testi e musica curatissimi, l'artwork e la presenza scenica dei Nostri letteralmente spettacolari. Che aspettate?"
    Ilaria Dall’Igna,


1. A Tear Beyond (Becoming)

2. Lullaby for my Grave

3. By Tears and Sand (the Golem)

4. Awakening (Inst.)

5. Necromancer

6. The Hunt

7. Embraced in Hell (Inferno, Canto V, 74-142)

8. Rain on the Oblivion

9. Once Again (Prelude Bonus)

Alfiya Galiakberova – “Lullaby for My Grave” soprano
Angelo Giordano – “By Tears and Sand” intro vocals and BassGtr
Coro Santa Giustina and Patrizia Poletto – “Necromancer” choir
Livio Pacella – “Becoming” storyteller
Maurizio Galvanelli – Cello
Andrea Scaramella – Violino, Viola

Produced by A Tear Beyond and Angelo Giordano
Recorded and mixed by Angelo Giordano (Modus PM)
Mastered by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio)


  • A Tear Beyond (becoming)

    Narriamo dell'antico tempo, ciò che lo scribano disse,
    riguardo all'occulto Vespero dell'esistenza
    e di ogni suo elemento,
    della Rosa, dell'Assenzio, dell'Ombra e della Luce, dell'Uomo Pazzo e dell'Uomo Assiso.

    Ciò che l'arte non intese, fu riscritto in quella notte senza luna
    e mutandosi nel tempo di ogni appunto, ivi circondato fu,
    dalle Maschere, l'uomo che lo conobbe.

  • Lullaby for my Grave

    Inside I feel empty spaces and out is there my spirit floating?
    Someone is singing about my end and my passing away.
    I feel the warmth of cuddles and her tears caressing me, I taste her mouth on my lips enlived again
    by that voice, by that singing.

    He: What could remain while I'm running far from you?
    She: Yes I swear, I will never leave your Grave!
    He: Your devotion will embrace my death whispering this song.
    She: While I'm singing this Lullaby for your Grave!

    My soul refuse the body and open eyes can't see, the life was stolen.
    Someone is singing about my ghost that is living again.
    I feel my nothingness in the Chaos of your breath recalling me.
    Are these my chains? Is this my story end?
    Is this the tie you could never dissolve?

    What could remain while I'm running far from you?
    what could I awaiting for, from now? Please, will never leave my Grave!
    Your devotion will embrace my death and every night your tears will nourish my sad rest
    whispering this song, this Lullaby for my Grave!

  • By Tears and Sand (the Golem)

    Why everything slips away from my hands? every lie's on my back, everything...
    can somebody help me? can something save me?

    Isolate on my praying, on the sand, on the world's fool breath, it starts from decay
    and follow the waves of my voice delayed...
    the hopes are now set aside and every second collapse on me, my son made of clay
    is the only way I need to ride, and calling to rise again.

    Rise! From this water, my tears, I command!
    Rise! this life I'm blowing on you!
    Rise, and every drop from my eyes is for your rise
    Answer me my son!

    I'm writing truth on your head, touching your eyes and your heart
    (hands are shuddering again)
    and follow the lines on your forehead skin of sand.
    My body is now at the end, my light is going out without a sound,
    my son I'm giving my life to you.

    Go in the world as the son I loved, keep your head up so everyone can read
    the word I'm writing now on your head, I command...

    Make the life I'm giving to you, the life I've never lived!
    Make people cry in front of the truth!
    Make people shamefully die, drowned in their lies and empty words they croaks.

  • Necromancer

    Spirits and Breaths come in circles and fly to me!
    Listen to my spell and tell it to the overflowing tombs!
    keep my voice and eyes, bring back souls to life!
    knock on door of death, set free all those rejects!
    Regain the dawn of Darkness!

    I feel awake but my body lies on the ground, it doesn't breathe.
    So clear, I can't stand around the sounds, I feel such as a young butterfly.
    Rocking closed eyes and moving, crawling so deep in the dark, voices are scratching me!

    Open your eyes to the new youngest night, wake up to me in your flesh.
    Open your ears to the words I pronounce, carry out my spell on your fears.
    Day for your ivory bones to grow again, new life caressed by my tonge.
    Day for your blood to be sap again, day for your hearts to be mine.

    Able to smell the day, creatures from deep dead lands,
    no time can locks you under graves again.
    Alive to this world, alive unchained, you will can be seen again!

    Is this the promise He spoke? Is that the spell on His tongue? I feel awake and my body moves on the ground and I hear it again.

    Screams and shouts, to strew the new life.
    Screams and shouts, my spell on the graves!
    All those sickly deads are now alive to the world!
    All those creatures I made are now alive to me!

  • The Hunt

    One, Two, Three, fallen into the night again and smell the fears.
    Four, Five, Six, stand again and run across the life into your eyes.
    On my ears the sound of steps, the sound of breath, the sound of broken nails on the ground,
    On my frozen tongue the flavour of blood and now I run so fast and you are so sweet, so warm, so clear, so tasty for my lust
    and you are so cute but I can't hear your scream “leave me alive!”

    I'm hunting deep in the night to make icy your fire of blood,
    I'll fly above existence and eternity,
    I'm hunting deep in the night to blow away your dust, Paint it Black!

    Six, Five, Four, the last jump away from my last humanity.
    Three, Two, One, the only one last pray in the tear I taste from your cheeks.
    Here I am, fallen into your night again for smell your fears and here you are,
    my pleasure of blood and now enjoy the embrace of death!

    Fear will fill my nose till I will be
    Fear will be my law and now I accept this.

    That's your dose from now and forever your red amphetamine.
    Kill or die, the final conviction to uphold your bestiality.
    Here you are, fallen into your night again for smell the fears
    and here you are, your pleasure of blood and now run so fast and die!

  • Embrace in Hell

    Inferno, Canto V, 74-142

    Walking through the screams, tapping the fire above,
    on the wind feeling the pain, the blood, the betrayal
    that has exiled them into the darkness
    Am I dreaming or dying at the end of my days?
    (but stop whispering inside my head)
    Am I alive or am I the ghost of my guilty life?
    Am I such a fool to hearing your voice inside?
    Am I a fool or am I changing, scared by what I am finding inside?

    And while I'm watching the lust, spinning fast and forever, there's a cancer beating my heart,
    my body moves itself to reach the movements of dirty hands.
    What's wrong with me, what's wrong with them?
    I'm just wishing to stand here and keep on enjoying their shouting pleasure,
    filthy words and whispering, embraced in Hell.

    As stone n the silence, lost in their breaths I am...
    (something told from outside...inside)

    Walking through the screams, tapping the fire above,
    in my heart I'm loving the pain, the blood, the betrayal
    my surrender, my weakness, my desire.
    I'm here, understanding me, rediscovering me,
    reviving me and letting them embrace me,
    understanding me, rediscovering me,
    letting my body be loved too, embraced in Hell!

  • Rain on the Oblivion

    This story will begin when the sun will die beyond the human's creeds.
    I'll tell you about the night, about the loneliness and despair.
    I'll walk with heavy steps across your tears and I'll fly with my sharpest wings on your fears,
    I'll sing about the Pain, about my Rain.

    and inside this black, it's all over!

    It's raining over, tears on tears, on disarmed blinks of eyes,
    it reminds me when that pain began so I can realize where I could belong to.
    I'm going to try to live but, inside this Black, it's all over!

    There's a lace around my heart and it's crushing every positive thought,
    spinning the thread of the millionth fake escapes, from here.
    Meet my eyes from another distant sky, fall on me I'm thirsty of light,
    i'm just tears and now my tears are raining on me.

    Just tears on tears, just me on me, just rain on the Oblivion.
    My disease, all the promises and falls, all on my knees
    [hopes are carved in my soul, engraved on my spine so I try...]
    I'm trying to escape, I'll try again, but inside this Black it's all over!

  • Once Again

    Prelude Bonus

    I weigh up in Silence,
    my feeling once again
    and find myself still crying
    I'm gone outside,
    inside my soul's moveing...
    Wings, dark sisters of mine
    take me up to the high emotions of dreams
    let me stay without me

    Once Again
    Watching from the Clouds
    I'm flying Once Again

    Why can't I dream,
    why can't i feel my night so warm
    i'm wishing for my body
    hanging between life and death!
    Dreams, dark brothers of mine
    delete all my days,
    erease my daily anxiety
    make me feel like this...

    Resting myself on the clouds
    I'm screaming out
    Blood, mud and life's pains

    Landing is not my choice
    something's calling,
    something's growing,
    something's burning my eyes,
    muscles devour the bones,
    air... penetrate my lungs...

    Heart pump out the blood
    on asphalt and grey sand
    heart pumps out the blood
    on asphalt...

  • ...ed io fui l’Uomo... vecchio corpo che riesco appena a ricordare.
    Pesante, tiepido e molle, sopravvivevo al tramonto dei miei giorni, attendendo il Buio, eterno compagno.
    Scrivevo ogni cosa, per quanto gli occhi potessero ancora vedere e la mente ricordare.
    Scrivevo ogni cosa, per quanto le vecchie mani potessero ancora sostenere e per quanto la debole
    candela, li accanto, potesse, la carta, ancora lievemente illuminare...

    E scrissi molto di cio‘ che fui e di cio’ che feci.
    Scrissi molto, addormentandomi piano...

    E fu in quell’attimo, nel silenzio umano, che sentii l’anima mia, volar via dal corpo...
    Ma fu in quell’attimo, nel silenzio morto, che sentii la voce mia, divenir di nuovo forte.

    Piu’ non potrei raccontare, se non fossi cio’ che sono, ma fui scelto tra i miliardi.
    Ma fui scelto, tra i fluttuanti, per poter scegliere anch’io.

    Quando, morto, riaprii gli occhi, vidi le Maschere d’intorno.
    Vidi poi il mio volto nuovo, quel che mi veniva dato...
    Ed io divenni l’aria, tra l’oscuro vecchio volto ed il nuovo piu’ maestoso, e l‘anima mia li riposi,
    dove vive ancora, dove piano versai la mia unica lacrima oltre...

    ...e li rimasi fermo tra Vita e Morte, Pianto e Sorriso, Pena e Gaudio.

    Rimasi nel mezzo ed io fui l’Uomo, ora svanito, divenuto vivo, appena oltre, deliziosamente Maschera.

    Claude Arcano
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A Tear Beyond: la Storia

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Nasce e vive nell’imbrunire, dove ogni ombra diventa lunga e curva.

Vive tra la Maschera ed il volto.

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